Workshop on Automated Reasoning
Bridging the Gap between Theory and Practice




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Automated Reasoning Workshop 2009
(21st-22nd April 2009, Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool)

Accepted Abstracts

1A. Basso, A. Bolotov, and V. Getov: State-Based Behavior Specification for GCM Systems
2A. Bolotov and O. Grigoriev: Natural Deduction Calculus for Quantified Propositional Linear-time Temporal Logic (QPTL)
3L. A. Dennis and L. Dixon: Adapting Piecewise Fertilisation to Reason about Hypotheses
4S. Feng: Combining Generalisation Into Instantiation Based Reasoning In EPR
5M. Horridge, B. Paris, and U. Sattler: Computing Explanations for Entailments in Description Logic Based Ontologies
6B. Konev, C. Dixon, and M. Fisher: "Exactly One" Epistemic Logic
7S. Konur and M. Fisher: Verification of Pervasive Systems
8S. Konur: A Decidable Approach to Real-time System Specification
9M. Ludwig and U. Hustadt: TSPASS - a Fair Monodic Temporal Logic Prover
10Q.-a. Mahesar and V. Sorge: Classification of Quasigroup-structures with respect to their Cryptographic Properties
11C. Power and A. Miller: Symmetry Reduction of Partially Symmetric Systems
12R. Ramezani and S. Colton: Solving Mutilated Problems
13S. H. Ripon and A. Miller: Semantic Embedding of Promela-Lite in PV
14M. Risdale, M. Jamnik, N. Benton, and J. Berdine: Diagrammatic Reasoning for Software Verification
15R. A. Schmidt: The Ackermann Approach for Modal Logic, Correspondence Theory and Second-Order Reduction
16R. A. Schmidt and D. Tishkovsky: Synthesising Tableau Decision Procedures
17G. Stapleton, M. Jamnik, and J. Masthoff: On the Readability of Diagrammatic Proofs
18C. Sticksel: Efficient Ground Satisfiability Solving in an Instantiation-based Method for First-order Theorem Proving
19P. Torres and S. Colton: First-Order Logic Concept Symmetry for Theory Formation
20M. Webster, L. Dennis, and M. Fisher: Model-Checking Auctions, Coalitions and Trust
21L. Zhang, U. Hustadt, and C. Dixon: CTL-RP: A Computational Tree Logic Resolution Prover

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